About Us

Thai Property Guide (TPG) is the dedicated marketplace where providers of real estate and other lifestyle investments and services in Thailand can meet with their potential customers looking for such opportunities and offers. TPG is entirely focused on content, marketing and sharing insights through features, campaigns, events invitations etc. TPG consists in an annual guide combined with the online platform – two equally important parts that form an enhanced attractive new combination for the project.


Thai developers, in particular, can get to communicate and reach out in English – to foreign expats in the region as well as other real estate investors beyond Thailand’s borders. TPG enables and assist this, through our distribution network and online outreach.


Developers can tap into a wider group of consumers – beyond their own limited network and media reach. Our followers, as well as all Internet users, can find a concentrated presentation of the Thai real estate market with investment offers, news and insights.

Being the only project of its kind in Thailand TPG serves Thai developers and any quality real estate developments in this for residential investment so popular country. Residential homes in cities and resort areas (focusing on condominiums), office buildings, vacation clubs as well as broadly the ‘second home abroad’ market are in focus for investment and attention.

TPG also covers and presents events, services and products on offer by lifestyle brands. Other essential ingredients enabling high-quality living here in Thailand are also covered (such as other areas of importance including private banking, insurance, healthcare and schools). TPG shares inspiring content and also relevant ‘turn-key’ information and insights for a smoother investment process.


The printed annual guidebook (also e-magazine) contains various relevant facts and advice that the potential buyer usually looks for, with focus on content that has a longer lifespan, combined with presentations of developments and other partners’ services (included as either advertisers, sponsors or partners). One main ingredient is to give you adequate and objective information about topics to be considered, when investing in a second home in Thailand.

This Thai Property Guide continues in its format as a valuable guidebook containing lots of relevant updates and expert advice (incl. more in-depth and long-lasting insights and valuable information; such as case stories, destination reports, property and land regulations); content of the more timeless sort that has value for all “newcomers”, and with a longer lifespan.

With its own Mynewsdesk newsroom, Thai Property is active on an on-going basis and thereby able to include online exposure for the whole life cycle of real estate projects, and doing much more comprehensive coverage. All stakeholders can thus at any time do marketing via the project. From 2016 TPG places a much stronger emphasis on its online presence, where the newsroom “stage” enables global, effective outreach. TPG can build followers from worldwide.


This adds further value for all stakeholders, making TPG a much stronger stakeholder platform for its cause. The structure also generates valuable content published both online and in the annual guidebook, as we cover and connect with the market’s stakeholders.

Coverage includes those who are nominated and winners of the Thailand Property Awards.

Combining the newsroom with a dedicated website as a marketplace, and the use of media monitoring, enables TPG and its followers to stay up-to-date on PR and news; consumer and investment advice as well as project launches.

Previous focus target groups have included investors from the Nordic countries (Scandinavia) as well as Europeans. The target audience is from now on broader: all foreign property investors into Thailand, (and with emphasis on affluent people and for those suitable projects and services). This is a natural expansion of the targets within the continuation of this project, looking at the vast number of nationalities interested in Thailand.


The tropical holiday country is seeing an influx of visitors from “new” countries in terms of those topping the ranking of inbound tourism, leading on to increased foreign real estate investment into Thailand by people from these nationalities.

Among the established Thailand friends, people from the Nordic countries (Scandinavians) have been instrumental in establishing new residential resort areas in Thailand by pioneering real estate projects and investment here. This was the initial reason for why this project’s owner, the Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC), started TPG in the first place. Many Scandinavians have invested and are regular visitors and ‘long stay’ guests to Thailand.

Courtesy of TSCC, the Thai Property Guide has now been up and running since year 2008. Attractive Partnership choices, as a combination of print and online, are available, and stakeholders can join for online sponsorship and advertising at any time.