The Thai Property Guide Targets Foreign Property Investors

– Next publication for year-end release under way

The European Asean Business Center in Bangkok (EABC), along with Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (TSCC) announces the Thai Property Guide for release by year-end, to be promoted throughout year 2014. The Thai Property Guide is your smart guide to property investment in Thailand.

This sectorial guidebook, giving sound investment advice and presenting partners on the Thai real estate market, falls within the activities of EABC, with its vast chamber of commerce network here and in Europe as vehicles to reach out.


The Thai Property Guide will highlight the destinations, laws and regulations, market conditions etc. and share experts´ and contributors’ advice and guidance to potential foreign buyers. Financial services, Lifestyle, Healthcare, and Insurance etc. will also be covered. Once owning a Thai property, foreigners are also clients with multiple needs ranging from interior design and transportation to home insurance and leisure activities.

The guidebook on property will provide practical information, case-studies etc. It will also include insights on real estate development, land ownership, current property market (including destination investment guides) as well as legal and tax advice, which are relevant for European investors.

Thai Property Guide promotes best practices, quality and accountability for the property sector, including the second home abroad market in Thailand, and includes useful tips or guidance on accessing property market in Thailand and how to safeguard investment for European and other foreign investors.

The Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Scandinavian Publishing are currently in full preparation for the publication and welcome stakeholders until the deadline end of November. Developers and other products and services are joining both as sponsors and advertisers. Many of these partners will also contribute on the editorial side with their insights and in-depth understanding of their respective sectors.

“The Thai Property Guide is really a unique effort in more than one way; its distribution mix where potential investors can be reached via official business networks and channels that would otherwise not be open, plus its level of official recognition and support, including from the European Union. Furthermore the initiative is an ongoing effort, apart from the yearly publication, which functions as a vehicle for stakeholders to partake in advocacy work, share insights and get to utilize ongoing PR and content marketing opportunities and other services improving the presentation to and communication with foreign buyers, says Peter Bjork, Executive Director TSCC.”

The originators have seen the interest growing for investment in the Property sector in Thailand and firmly believe that the interest will continue to grow stronger. Westerners increasingly move to and work in the region and many foreigners want to retire in Thailand.

In particular the Thai condominium presents attractive offers for foreigners on all key locations throughout the country. Many condominiums are designed with westerners in mind and form a legally safe investment model.

Therefore this property guide is made for anyone from Europe (main target market in 2014) interested to invest and buy a Property in Thailand. The Thai Property Guide should help potential and current investors to find valuable information and at the same time promote Thailand as a country popular for Property investment among Europeans.

“EABC and TSCC are committed to run the Thai Property Guide as a forum for knowledge exchange and improvements for all stakeholders. TSCC is the initiator of this effort to support sound real estate investment into Thailand from the very beginning – where the Chamber saw the need to address the Scandinavian property boom in Thailand and play a role for developers, sellers and buyers by setting up this meeting point for residential buyers and sellers etc. We do now widen the scope to all Europeans interested in a home away from home,” says John Svengren, Executive Director EABC.

For further information, please contact:-

TSCC – Mr. Peter Bjork, Executive Director
Tel: 02-3545229-31
Email: director@swecham.com www.swecham.com

EABC – Mr. John Svengren, Executive Director
Tel: 02 – 2670 0624
Email: director@eabc-thailand.eu www.eabc-thailand.eu